Cacao Pow Deo Bar 55g


The First Natural Deodorant Bar In A Jar

Our UK made natural deodorant bar provides powerful odour control and is made with cacao butter which is 100% organic. It’s free from coconut oil, palm oil, aluminium and fragrance so it is supernatural!

Powerful Pit Protection

Aluminium Free ✓

Fragrance Free ✓

Cruelty Free ✓

Vegan ✓

Coconut Oil Free ✓

Palm Oil Free ✓

100% Natural Cacao Butter ✓

Gender Neutral ✓

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Natural Deodorant That Really Works

  • The Cacao Pow Deo Bar is the first ever natural deodorant bar in a jar. Made with organic cacao butter – certified organic by the Organic Food Federation – this bicarbonate of soda formula packs a punch to deliver powerful pit protection.
  • We are one of the few natural deodorants on the market that is a coconut oil free formula as well as being palm oil free, aluminium free and fragrance free.
  • We have eradicated the need for essential oils and instead you can enjoy the amazing aromatics of our organic cacao butter which dissipates into a neutral odour to allow you to be odourless.


How our formula is different?

  • ✓ Our formula is heavy metal free and does not contain silver or aluminium which can be listed as potassium alum.
  • ✓ We are a coconut oil free formula for those who are sensitive to salicylates.
  • ✓ We are also an essential oil free formula, as essential oils contain allergens which can be problematic to some.


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