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Charlton Double Zipped Small Wet bag – various

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This double zipped small wet bag has two handy compartments, one for clean/dry products and the other for used/dirty products.

Ideal for Cloth Santinary Pads or reusable wipes when on the go.

Handmade in UK exclusively for Charlton Pharmacy.


Introducing the Charlton small double-zipped wet bags. These have been exclusively designed and handmade for Charlton Pharmacy.

They are perfect for reusable wipes or cloth sanitary pads…. one compartment for the clean ones and a separate compartment for the used ones!

1 review for Charlton Double Zipped Small Wet bag – various

  1. Rochelle (verified owner)

    I’ve love these so much! I use mine for all sorts of things, my favourites is emergency clothes in the back of the pram

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