Little Lamb Nappy Fasteners


LittleLamb Nappy Fasteners are a safe alternative to a nappy pin. They are perfect to use on nippa nappies and muslin squares and other towelling nappies.

This pack contains 3 nappy fasteners.

Also available to purchase in singles.


How to use your nappy fastener.

  • 1) Hook one side of your fastener to the nappy just above one leg whilst holding the nappy in place.
  • 2) Stretch your fastener across to the other side and hook onto the fabric above the other leg.
  • 3) Pull your fastener down to catch on the fabric between the legs creating a Y shape.
  • Now the nappy is secured in a safe and well balanced manner providing a high degree of containment without the risk of baby being poked by pins.
  • Your Nappy Fastener can be washed with warm water and will last for years.

Partial postage will be refunded if your order fits into a large letter.


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