Nappi Nippas (3 pack)

Nappi Nippas nappy fasteners need to be used correctly and responsibly in order to work effectively.

1 – S-T-R-E-T-C-H the Nappi Nippa a few times before its first use, this will make it more elastic and easier to use. The ‘secret’ of the Nappi Nippa is its ‘memory’ to pull back into shape after securing tightly.

To stretch your Nappi Nippa, hold it in the centre with one hand and with your other hand, grab close to the end of one of the arms, avoiding the sharp teeth, and pull. Do not grab the Nappi Nippa by the loops. Repeat this about 10 times for each arm. You will notice the material begin to soften up and become more elastic. Once you have done this for each arm your Nappi Nippa Nappy Fastener is ready to use!

2 – Fit the nappy on your baby and hold it in place. With the other hand attach the Nappi Nippa and follow the 3 easy steps below: Hook Left, Hook Right, Hook Centre.

We also have the size 2 Nappi Nippas available for toddlers. So, if you feel that your Nappi Nippas fastener is getting too small for a snug fit on the nappy, then it may be time to size up.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


  • When fitted correctly the Nappi Nippa should go from a ‘T’ shape to a ‘Y’ shape.
  • When attaching your Nappi Nippa hold onto the solid part of the tab. DO NOT pull on the loops as these are used as an added safety feature. They can be folded over the teeth of your fastener when not in use to cover and protect the teeth.#
  • Make sure that the Nappi Nippas teeth have gripped properly into the fabric of the nappy and that it is attached securely with all 3 arms. The Nappi Nippa works simply under tension, the 3 points are important to pull against each other to ensure the nappy is secure.
  • By following these instructions, the Nappi Nippa should be secure and the nappy will fit snugly. It is essential to use a nappy cover over the nappy and the Nappi Nippa to keep everything in place.
  • Nappi Nippas work best with terry cloth nappies, pre-folds, and any other cloth nappies with a loose weave for the Nappi Nippa to hook into.
  • Like anything, practice makes perfect, after a while you’ll be able to fit this to a squirming baby with one hand!


  • Nappi Nippas are not toys. Keep out of the reach of children when not in use!
  • Replace your Nappi Nippa if there is any physical damage or weak spots.
  • Do NOT use a Nappi Nippa on a child who is able to undo it or remove their nappy, nappy cover or clothing.
  • Nappi Nippas should only be fastened by an adult.
  • Do not leave your fasteners in the sun for extended periods as it is not UV resistant and this can eventually weaken them.


Clean your Nappi Nippas in hot soapy water. Do not launder with your nappies in the washer as the grips could damage your nappies and it may blunt the teeth.


  • Any tear in the Nappi Nippa can lead to it breaking which could be a possible choking hazard.
  • Do not cut your Nappi Nippas as this could weaken it.
  • Do not pull on the loops of the Nappi Nippa when attaching, as this can cause breakage. These loops serve as a safety feature only. Use the flat, solid tabs to stretch your Nappi Nippa.
  • Inspect your Nappi Nippas before each use and don’t use it if there is any signs of cracking, tearing, breakage or wear to the teeth or any other parts.
  • Please use a waterproof or cover over a Nappi Nippa nappy fastener.


Pull the ring over the teeth of the fastener to prevent anyone getting injured by the teeth.


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