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Travel Clinic – Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a viral infection which affects the human liver. The hepatitis A virus is usually ingested via contaminated food or water and is endemic to many countries where sanitation and access to safe food and water is poor.

About the vaccine

  • When to get vaccinated: You should get vaccinated at least two weeks before travelling.
  • Course: The course consists of one dose.
  • Boosters:  The vaccine protects you for one year. If you have another booster after 6 -12 months, you won’t need any further boosters for 25 years thereafter.
  • How it is given: An injection in the upper arm.
  • Side effects: Side effects can include a high temperature, feeling tired and soreness at the injection site.
  • Children: The vaccine is suitable for children over the age of one.
  • Additional precautions:You need to practise food safety as well as water and hand hygiene while in an area where hepatitis A is endemic.
  • Risk if you contract hepatitis A: Hepatitis A can cause mild to severe symptoms, including fever and digestive issues. It can cause complications such as liver failure.

Per dose – £50

Doses per course – 1

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