Bells Bumz Junior 4 layer Mix inserts (2 pack) – various


The BellsBumz JUNIOR 4 layer bamboo/hemp mix inserts (pack of 2) will fit perfectly in the BellsBumz JUNIOR pocket nappies.

They may also fit all other brands of Junior or Size 3 pocket nappies.

Pack of 2 inserts. Multibuys available.


  • Each insert consists of 2 layer of bamboo (80% bamboo) and 2 layers of hemp (55% hemp, 45% cotton).
  • Two of these inserts are already included with each of the Junior pocket nappies, however you may wish to have more in your stash.
  • Made from Hemp & Bamboo mix.
  • A lot higher natural fibre content then most inserts on the market.


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