Bells Bumz Z soaker (mini, BTP or Junior)


BellsBumz upgraded Z soakers consist of 3 layers hemp, 2 layer of bamboo and topped with amazingly stay dry coffee fibre and now available in white. This innovative product is what you will find in our AI2.

Mini AKA Size one AKA newborn soakers are available in white fleece only.

BTP soakers and Junior Z soakers are available in both coffee or white fleece.




  • You can buy spare Z soakers for use with your Ai2, so while others are drying your AI2 will be ready to go sooner.
  • You can snap this into place in the Bells Bumz Z wraps. So you will make a true All in Two where you can wipe the shell clean and just change the Z soaker for a clean one.
  • You can add in a Z booster (2 layers hemp) or a Z booster plus (2 layer hemp and 2 layer bamboo) which can snap to the under part of the Z soaker.


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