La Petite Ourse Bamboo Insert 2 pack


Composition: 70% bamboo and 30% polyester

Number of layers:   4

Absorption:  5 oz

These inserts have 4 layers of ultra absorbent bamboo, measuring 14cm X 36cm.


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  • Proper use of inserts can be the difference between a leaking diaper and a dry diaper. In the first months, using one insert may be sufficient, and then adding the second insert can avoid many leaks and frustrations as your baby grows.
  • You may also fold one insert in half to increase absorbency in the front or back of the diaper depending on your baby’s gender.
  • Every baby is different and therefore properly adjusting the absorbency to fit your baby’s needs and cycles is key to succeeding in using cloth diapers…without frustrations.


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