Lu Makes All-in-Two Nappy -I’ll Be Gnome for Christmas


This is one of 5 exclusive mini-collection prints handmade in the UK!

The Lu Makes All-in-Two Nappy features a soft PUL outer with cross over snaps at the waist and front elastics. Inside has 2 PUL panels with microsuede in the middle.

There are 2 inserts, a long anchor snake which is 2 layers of bamboo cotton topped with bamboo velour and a booster which is 2 layers of hemp cotton.

PUL Outer is 100% polyester

Microsuede inner is 100% polyester


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Inserts are made from:

  • Bamboo 65% bamboo, 35% cotton
  • Hemp Cotton 65% cotton, 35% hemp


Handmade in the UK!


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