NPB Round Bamboo Soap Dish


These Non Plastic Beach round bamboo soap dishes are designed to hold a single bar of shampoo or conditioner and keep them in great condition.


  • The circular dish is able to take a single bar of soap or shampoo and has three drain holes through the bottom to avoid bars sitting in water. It is important to keep these clear when in use.
  • Prefer a two bar bamboo soap dish? Check out the Rectangular Bamboo Soap Dish.
  • Made where the ultra-fast growing, tropical bamboo grows in China, these dishes are brought to the UK overland by train all the way, which makes for a lower carbon footprint.
  • Bamboo is a rhizome grass, which grows again from the roots when it is harvested. This makes it extremely land efficient and sustainable vs. any form of wood, which once harvested, must regrow from scratch over decades. By contrast a bamboo plantation can be ready to harvest again in just a year, thanks to its up to 1 yard a day growth rate!


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